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Hi, I'm Abi


As an aspiring singer and performer, I struggled hugely with confidence, self-consciousness

and anxiety - and battled paralysing

stage fright for years.

Nothing I tried had any real effect - until I discovered the incredible power of subconscious transformative techniques such as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, NLP and IEMT (rapid trauma release). 

My first hypnotherapy session was the moment everything changed for me - and I learned I could feel effortlessly calm, confident, and in control. It WAS possible to perform the way I wanted and actually enjoy it!

 And now I help other singers, speakers and performers to do the same using my unique formula for Intuitive Subconscious Embodiment™

Abi Rogers, specialist performance anxiety therapist


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Performance S.O.S.

You've got something coming up in the near future and need some urgent support to calm your nerves, get you over the line and make it feel SO much less of an ordeal?

2 intensive sessions +

supporting resources


Private Confidence Mentoring

1:1 online support to work through the subconscious traumatic & emotional anxiety imprints which are limiting your ability to relax and perform as you want!

From £95 per hour

Initial session £135

I can also help with a range of other anxiety & stress-related mental & physical conditions using IEMT & Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Please get in touch for details.

What Clients Say

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Helen, Business Owner

The thought of webinars & lives literally made me feel sick and gave me sleepless nights.

I got in touch with Abi and instantly knew that it was going to be ok.  I loved how our sessions just focused on moving forward - I had expected lots of analysing my anxiety and going back into old, unpleasant memories, but there was none of that.

She just got me thinking differently, calmed my mind - and all the anxiety & fear just disappeared.  I also found I stopped constantly stressing about work - which was a wonderful unexpected bonus!

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Karen, Entrepreneur

 It’s been this amazing breakthrough for me and each day I honestly wake up and instead of going into a meeting that may be a hard meeting… I go into every single meeting and just think about what’s going on in the present and get really excited for the families we’re working with.

Abi Rogers - Branding shoot 070-2.jpg

Dave, Public Speaker

Abi’s sessions really helped me to understand the reasons behind my anxiety, and helped to change my mindset, with the result that I am now comfortably doing things that were causing me regular anxiety before.

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